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Introducing YOUR Radiobutler - Revolutionizing Radio Content Creation!

Radiobutler is the ultimate web-based application that empowers radio operators to effortlessly create captivating content for their shows, all at an incredibly affordable price. With just a few clicks, you can generate news, weather forecasts, and engaging contributions, all tailored to your audience's interests.

Tailored News with Keyword Selection

Our platform simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional radio shows while Radiobutler handles the content creation process. Select your preferred topics and voices, and watch as Radiobutler curates the most relevant and up-to-date content for your broadcasts.

Whether you're hosting a one-time event, a recurring weekly show, or a whole AI radio station, Radiobutler's intuitive interface and customizable templates ensure a seamless experience. With timely delivery, your audio contributions are ready for download just minutes before your show begins.

Join the Radiobutler community today and take your radio broadcasting to new heights, all at a budget-friendly cost. Elevate your shows with credible and verified information, reach a broader audience with multilingual support, and explore our ever-evolving range of audio voices.

Experience the future of radio content creation without breaking the bank - try Radiobutler for free and unlock a world of possibilities for your radio shows. Sign up now and witness the difference firsthand!

Experience the Effortless Workflow with Radiobutler!

Radiobutler revolutionizes radio content creation, offering a remarkably simple workflow that allows you to effortlessly produce captivating shows. Not only can you curate content from our diverse range of sources, but you can also convert your own original content into high-quality audio with ease. Just upload your files, and Radiobutler will seamlessly transform them into engaging contributions for your radio shows. Choose your preferred topics, audio voices, and blend in your own content to create truly unique and personalized broadcasts. With Radiobutler, content creation becomes a seamless and enjoyable process, empowering you to deliver exceptional radio experiences every time. Elevate your shows with Radiobutler's user-friendly interface and explore the endless possibilities of radio content creation!

Schedule Shows with Ease

Select your radio show type and schedule, or set up a recurring template for weekly broadcasts.

Choose Content Topics

Choose the desired topic area for content creation, from news to weather and more.

Personalize with Audio Voices

Pick a preferred audio voice or add your own for a personalized touch.

Curate or Upload Your Own

Radiobutler curates relevant content or transforms your own files into high-quality audio contributions.

Timely Automatic Delivery

Enjoy automatic delivery, with audio files ready for download just minutes before your show starts.

Effortless Radio Show Excellence

Elevate your radio shows effortlessly with a seamless workflow that captivates your audience every time.


Our pricing is designed with you in mind, offering affordable options that cater to every need. Experience premium radio AI services that won't break the bank. With RadioButler, you're not just getting access to top-notch features, but also a budget-friendly solution that ensures you enjoy your favorite tunes without the hefty price tag. Join us today and elevate your listening experience without compromising your wallet. Your perfect radio companion is here – affordably priced, just for you.

Pay as you go

Just pay what you order.

  • News: 0,04 EUR / news or local news (< 250 words)
  • Feature: 0,06 EUR / feature (< 1000 words)
  • Traffic: 0,08 EUR / feature (< 1000 words)
  • Weather: 0,05 EUR / weather forecast
  • Opener: 0,01 EUR / opener
  • Outro: 0,01 EUR / outro

Prices plus selected Text2Speech Service (ElevenLabs = 0,25 EUR / 1000 characters, or 0,0625 / 1000 chars for Google text2speech services), plus VAT. You'll only be charged with what you ordered. Load any amount you want via PayPal to your 'RADIOButler - account' and start downloading AI content today.

We included already some sources, like 'News of the world' or News in some areas of your country. But you can add nearly any source into your content area. If you need assistance in creating your own content, we offer this at low fix prices starting as low as 50,00 EUR / own source. For this just click here
Anything else you need? Well, let's register!


It's free, easy, and takes just a few minutes to be ready for AI content in your business.

If your country is not in the list, please send us a mail. We'll try to add it as soon as we can. Promised!

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Introducing 'Digital Anna': Unleashing Innovation from Helgoland!

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Introducing Digital Anna

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Helgoland: The Heart of Inspiration

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Join the Digital Anna Experience

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Get in Touch with Us!

Have questions, feedback, or need assistance? We're here to help! Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for any inquiries related to Radiobutler. We value your input and strive to provide the best possible experience for our users.
Whether you're a seasoned broadcaster or just starting, we're here to support your radio content creation journey. Contact us today and unlock the full potential of Radiobutler for your radio shows.
Your success is our priority, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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